31.01.18 Offshore Wind Energy to 2050

This talk will inform you of the latest trends, technologies and targets for offshore wind in the UK, and its role in the energy system. This draws on the work made by research organisations funded by the Energy Technologies Institute and the presenter’s own analysis and research. Dr. Stuart Bradley is the Renewables and Marine […]

25.10.17 Clean Growth: Delivering the UK’s Carbon Budgets

What lessons can be learned from the decarbonisation of the power sector to date? How can the Government secure greater emissions reductions from industry, whilst delivering its emerging Industrial Strategy? How could Brexit affect policy changes? Richard Howard, former Head of the Environment & Energy Unit at Policy Exchange and current Head of the Research […]

11.10.17 Energy Challenges – From nuclear to thermal and from hot to cold.

We are driving towards an energy economy which has large contributions from renewables (wind) and nuclear, but really is this the right solution? Indeed, energy is much more than electricity and perhaps the most significant issues we face is how on earth we are going to find low carbon methods for delivering the space heating […]

10.05.17: The Burning Answer – A Solar revolution in Britain is Close

THE BURNING ANSWER: A Solar revolution in Britain is closer than you think ‘It only works where it’s sunny’ ‘We’ll still need nuclear as a backup’ ‘It’s too expensive’ WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH? You will have undoubtedly heard some of these statements about Solar power and it’s spin offs, but Emeritus Professor of Physics, […]

03.05.17: Modelling Global Commodities – Workshop by Aurora Energy Research

“A fundamental disruption is underway in energy markets, driven by new technologies, big data, and rapidly changing policies. This rising complexity is overturning conventional wisdom and enabling new approaches to market analysis .” – Aurora Energy Research. Aurora gave a great workshop looking at the fundamental drivers behind global commodities, the key variables in play, such […]

06.03.17: Day in the Life of an Energy Graduate

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the energy industry? Are you struggling with internship/graduate applications and need some advice? Recent Oxford alumni returned for this exclusive event to give you an insight into what working in the energy industry entails. From a variety of academic backgrounds and working in different companies […]

01.03.17: Mixergy – Sensing, Storing and Sustaining Energy

Mixergy is a spin-out company from the University of Oxford. Their ambition is to develop domestic energy storage capacity and facilitate its operation within the existing power distribution infrastructure. They are pursuing these goals by bringing to market a portfolio of design enhancements and innovations to existing technologies. Pete Armstrong, Co-founder and CEO, is a […]

15.02.17: Renewable Energy – Transition to a Low Carbon System

The costs of solar power (PV) continue to fall, and deployment has consistently outpaced estimated projections. However, there are challenges to integrating large amounts of solar power into electricity grids, and already parts of the network struggle to accommodate further deployment. PV also impacts the demand-side. Consumers adopting PV can become more engaged with energy […]

08.02.17: Energy Relations of Russia and China – Playing Chess with Dragons

James Henderson suceeded Howard Rogers as Director of the Natural Gas Research Programme in October 2016 having joined the institute in 2010 as Senior Research Fellow contributing works for the Gas and Oil Programmes covering Russia and CIS issues as well as global energy matters that affect the region. James Henderson has been analysing the […]

01.02.17: Wind Farm Energy Yield – Does the anti-wind lobby have a point?

Why is it so difficult to predict the energy yield of a wind farm, and is the wind industry getting it right? How do you form a fair comparison between actual production and pre-construction estimates? And what are some of the reasons they might differ? This talk explained the complex process of predicting a wind farm’s […]

23.11.16: The Genesis of a Corporation that is Truly Sustainable

From the team behind Riversimple (http://www.riversimple.com/), the UK Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Eco Car Company, comes a brand new Eco business venture. We are about to launch a company that uses alternate approaches to energy, materials and production which governed by a truly unique approach will come to market in such a way that it […]

09.11.16: Joulo – From research tool to start up

Joulo (www.joulo.com) is a novel solution to providing personalised heating advice to households. It combines a bespoke low-cost USB temperature logger with online analysis algorithms to build a thermal model of an individual home. In this talk, Alex described how Joulo started as a research tool intended to collect temperature data from UK homes, how they […]

16.11.16: What does Brexit mean for the Energy Sector?

16th November 2016: The world’s energy markets are undergoing massive change and transformation. What impact will Brexit have on UK energy? How do we deliver decarbonisation to meet the Paris Agreement? What technological innovations will change the course of the energy industry? Oxford Energy Society hosted a fantastic panel discussion involving four panelists from two […]

02.11.16: Energy – Global Crisis, Local Solutions

Oxford Energy Society presents: Cllr Andrew Cooper, National Energy Spokesperson for the Green Party. Andrew examined how it is at the local level that the solution to many of our energy problems can be found and how those solutions can be based on energy efficiency and renewable energy. He looked at UK energy policy in […]

26.10.16 – The Smart Revolution: What’s smart about the future of energy?

Are you ready for the Smart Revolution? Stephen Haw leads Baringa’s Smart consulting practice and is a thought leader on the future of Smart energy industry. His extensive experience includes working with regulators, the Government, and energy companies on the design, development and delivery of the UK Smart Metering rollout, designing new Smart-enabled products, and […]

19.10.16: Nuclear Fusion – The Permanent Energy Solution?

Limitless fuel, inherent safety and no radioactive waste make nuclear fusion the ultimate energy solution. It presents a permanent solution to all humankinds energy requirements. After spending four years conducting research at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), home to the world’s largest fusion experiment (JET), David gave us a status update on the […]

12.10.16: Rethinking the Future of Energy from a Post Carbon World

12th October 2016: Daniel Fogg, COO at BuffaloGrid, came to give his perspective on energy issues facing developing nations and present the microgrid solution with the potential to simultaneously solve the connectivity and power issues affecting local communities. Daniel Fogg is the Chief Operations Officer at BuffaloGrid, the mobile power and internet service for the […]