11.10.17 Energy Challenges – From nuclear to thermal and from hot to cold.


We are driving towards an energy economy which has large contributions from renewables (wind) and nuclear, but really is this the right solution? Indeed, energy is much more than electricity and perhaps the most significant issues we face is how on earth we are going to find low carbon methods for delivering the space heating demand and indeed how do we rise to the challenge of thermal and electrical storage. But if we take a step back from the parochial UK view what is it that presents the biggest future energy need? The answer is cooling. How can we, the UK, take advantage of this global opportunity? This talk will explore these issues and may perhaps provide some answers.

Professor Martin Freer is head of Nuclear Physics, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute and the Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research at the University of Birmingham.

His main research area is the study of the structure of light nuclei, using nuclear reactions. This research is performed at international facilities worldwide. In addition, he is actively engaged in promoting research and educational programmes to support the UK’s investment in nuclear power generation. He received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Prize, Humboldt Foundation, Germany in 2004 and the Rutherford Medal (IoP) in 2010.

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