01.02.17: Wind Farm Energy Yield – Does the anti-wind lobby have a point?


Why is it so difficult to predict the energy yield of a wind farm, and is the wind industry getting it right? How do you form a fair comparison between actual production and pre-construction estimates? And what are some of the reasons they might differ?

This talk explained the complex process of predicting a wind farm’s long-term energy output. Using operational data from constructed wind farms and statistical techniques, we can explore how well our models perform and where there are gaps in the wind industry’s knowledge.

Hannah Staab is a Technical Manager at RES Ltd, one of the world’s leading independent renewable energy companies. She specialises in wind and solar PV energy yield prediction and develops software for resource assessment and wind farm design. She holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Bayreuth and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh, where she carried out research on the Scottish tidal current energy resource.