23.11.16: The Genesis of a Corporation that is Truly Sustainable


From the team behind Riversimple (, the UK Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Eco Car Company, comes a brand new Eco business venture. We are about to launch a company that uses alternate approaches to energy, materials and production which governed by a truly unique approach will come to market in such a way that it cannot be ignored. Where great ideas are either buried or ignored we are taking great ideas through a different approach to business; truly suitable to the new ways of getting things done to bring cars to electrified bikes all the way to food to people across the world in a way that will enhance the sustainability not only of the planet but of us.

Brendan has spent over 20 years in start up or restart situations with various prestige car brands in Australia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Europe predominantly finding and implementing new and innovative routes to market for brands with a lower investment footprint and high impact. Since 2008 Brendan has supported an innovative Alternate Energy and Alternate Business Model Car program and now leads a new initiative which goes far beyond cars to find new solutions to Infrastructure, Energy, Mobility and even Food in a way which not only seeks to solve the issues of planet sustainability but also human sustainability.