16.11.16: What does Brexit mean for the Energy Sector?

16th November 2016:

The world’s energy markets are undergoing massive change and transformation. What impact will Brexit have on UK energy? How do we deliver decarbonisation to meet the Paris Agreement? What technological innovations will change the course of the energy industry?

Oxford Energy Society hosted a fantastic panel discussion involving four panelists from two of our sponsors: Pöyry Management Consulting and Baringa Partners. They gave their views on the impact of Brexit on the energy industry. Many thanks to Dr Phillip Grunewald who chaired the event.

1. Gary Keane, Principal Consultant at Pöyry Management Consulting, specialist energy practice.
2. Dr Mostyn Brown, specialist in the price, policy and regulatory risk governing the UK’s renewable electricity markets and the EU ETS carbon market
3. Dr Mark Turner, Senior Manager at Baringa Partners, energy management consulting specialists
4. Peter Sherry: Senior Manager in Baringa’s Energy Markets and Analytics practice

Dr Phillip Grunewald: EPSRC Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute and Deputy Director of Energy Research at Oxford University