09.11.16: Joulo – From research tool to start up


Joulo ( is a novel solution to providing personalised heating advice to households. It combines a bespoke low-cost USB temperature logger with online analysis algorithms to build a thermal model of an individual home. In this talk, Alex described how Joulo started as a research tool intended to collect temperature data from UK homes, how they used low-volume manufacturing to deploy the system at scale, and how the research project turned into a start-up company which went on to a successful acquisition.

Alex Rogers is a Professor of Computer Science interested in developing and applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and agent-based approaches within physical systems. Much of his recent work has addressed future energy systems, such as the smart grid, where he has developed approaches to predict and optimise energy use and generation within buildings and networks. These approaches have typically sought to use energy storage, or the thermal inertia of the building itself, to match energy demand against whatever generation is available from local renewable sources.