26.10.16 – The Smart Revolution: What’s smart about the future of energy?


Are you ready for the Smart Revolution?

Stephen Haw leads Baringa’s Smart consulting practice and is a thought leader on the future of Smart energy industry. His extensive experience includes working with regulators, the Government, and energy companies on the design, development and delivery of the UK Smart Metering rollout, designing new Smart-enabled products, and providing economic, regulatory and technical advisory services on Smart Grid investment programmes.

His talk focused on an introduction to Smart Grids – a form of technology being used to bring utility electricity delivery systems into the modern day. In the same way phones have become “smart” by putting computers in them, electric utility grids are evolving in the similar way. This transformation in technology offers many benefits to utilities and consumers – such as significant improvements in energy efficiencies on the electricity grid and in your home. The potential for applications are limitless once the data communications technology is deployed and companies can develop products and services. Think – enhanced information-security, channelling different sources of electricity like solar and wind power right through to managing your electric car on the grid. Get ready to take a closer look into the future of energy!