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Metronome Energy

Week 4, 16th May 2018, 5.30pm

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While we’ve found a new way to generate power consistent with the goals of Paris, we’re still working on an old system to distribute it. Even the UK’s National Grid, the most reliable in the world, faces significant congestion challenges: ones that plague decarbonizing electricity systems globally.

Metronome Energy provides the necessary scalable balancing technology, with by low-cost hardware and high-value software, to fully integrate renewable power onto electricity grids. Metronome accesses previously cost-prohibitive energy flexibility assets to more inclusively distribute value with a hardware + software solution capable of scaling through individual asset management, on-site portfolio management, and local grid management.

Josh and Seth will discuss the need for modular, scalable hardware and software solutions to the decarbonization challenge and how Metronome aims to unlock renewable capacity, to create new value streams for farmers, and to manage the distributed grid asset portfolio of the present and future.

They will also discuss their journey as entrepreneurs in the energy sector, and their views on entrepreneurial endeavours as an early career choice.

Josh Burton (MEng in Engineering Science at Oriel College, Oxford).
Josh was lead engineer responsible for product design and business development at Pi-Top, a modular computer company teaching coding to young children. Josh was also Director of Old Court Engineering, where he imported and installed the largest solar farm in the UK and designed and built an anaerobic digester including the installation of a district heating network to provide free heat to a local village.

Seth Collins (MSc in Environmental Change and Management, MBA, Keble College, Oxford).
Seth was a Program Associate for the Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries Program (SREP) at the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds, an $8 billion Climate Finance Fund. He also worked in the US Senate Agriculture Committee, where he focused on agriculture and energy policy.

This talk will be in the BECKIT ROOM in the Geography Department followed by discussions with PIZZA.
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Collaboration with Latin American Society

Week 5, 23rd May, 5.30pm

Event details TBC