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Clean Growth: Delivering the UK’s Carbon Budgets

25th November, 5.30pm

Facebook event

What lessons can be learned from the decarbonisation of the power sector to date?
How can the Government secure greater emissions reductions from industry, whilst delivering its emerging Industrial Strategy?
How could Brexit affect policy changes?
Richard Howard, former Head of the Environment & Energy Unit at Policy Exchange and current Head of the Research at Aurora, will answer all this and more! He’ll be giving a talk on the policies and technologies that the UK may implement in its Emmisions Reductoion Plan.
What effect will Hinkley Point C have on the UK power supply?
What could be the effect or subsidy free renewables?
If these are the questions that keep you up at night Richard is the man to ask.

This talk will be in the BECKITT ROOM in the Geography Department followed by discussions with PIZZA.
FREE for members! £2 for non-members or £10 for lifetime membership.


Competing Alternatives: Is There a Future for Tidal Energy?

8th November, 5.30pm

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Tidal energy has the potential to meet 20% of the UK’s energy needs. Taken to the international level, the potential of tidal power in transitioning to a low carbon future is substantial. Tidal Lagoon Power is the company behind the efforts to get this new form of electricity generation off the ground in the UK, with their first project – Swansea Bay – awaiting the final stages of governmental approval. Join us and Mike Case, an ambassador from Tidal Lagoon Power, to learn about the current state of the technology required for tidal power generation and the current challenges for its widespread implementation.

Why is it that wind power has been more successful to date?

What are the environmental implications of installing tidal power generation facilities and how can we mitigate them?

This talk will be held in the Beckitt Room in the Department of Geography followed by discussions over PIZZA.
£2 for non-members/FREE for members.
Lifetime membership available on the door for £10.


CV Workshop with Baringa

9th November, 4-7pm

Baringa, a consultancy firm specialising in energy will be coming to Oxford to give Energy Society members one-to-one 10 minute feedback sessions on their CVs. This is an excellent opportunity to have your CV looked over by a company specialising in energy so would be a perfect for those of you looking to join the energy or consultancy industries.

This event will be free to all including non-members. Places will be assigned on a first come first serve basis with 10 minute slots available between 4pm and 7pm.

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IEA Workshop on the World Energy Outlook 2017

14th November, 3-6pm

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The Head of Communication of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Rebecca Gaghen, will present the highlights of the World Energy Outlook 2017 which will be released by the IEA on the same day in London. She will also give a summary of the IEA’s biennial ministerial meeting with over 30 Energy Ministers and CEOs of leading energy companies and talk about her techniques to efficiently communicate energy policy!

Rebecca Gaghen studied International Relations at Harvard University and holds an M.A. from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Previous roles include Deputy Chief of Staff for International Affairs at the US Department of Energy, as well as several stints at US Embassies around the globe. In 2001 Ms Gaghen came to the IEA as a Special Advisor to the Executive Director and now serves as the Head of the Communication and Information Office where she is responsible for communicating the key messages of IEA work to governments and other stake holders.

SNACKS and DRINKS will be provided afterwards!!!!!

Come by and get an exclusive update about the IEAs newest research and get an insight into the inner workings of one of the most important intergovernmental energy policy organizations.

Entrance fee is £2 and free for Energy Soc members. Life-time membership can be aquired at the event for £10.


Trip to JET fusion reactor

20th November, 12.30-5pm

The Joint European Torus (JET), located at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, is the world’s largest and most powerful tokamak and the focal point of the European fusion research programme. Designed to study fusion in conditions approaching those needed for a power plant, it is the only device currently operating that can use the deuterium-tritium fuel mix that will be used for commercial fusion power.

We will visit the CCFE centre just outside Oxford for the afternoon via minibus, leaving from the Ashmolean at 12.30pm and returning before 5pm.

This trip is for MEMBERS ONLY (lifetime membership of £10 can be purchased at all events). We have limited capacity so you must sign up before attending.



Electric vehicles and Autonomous transport: A new Paradigm?

22nd November, 5.30pm

Facebook event

Is 2018 the tipping point for electric and autonomous vehicles? Commitments from manufacturers to electrify their range and announcements by governments on the future ban of petrol and diesel cars indicate electric vehicles could soon become mainstream. We explore future business models, impact on policy & regulation and investigate the dependency between electric vehicles and autonomous transport.

Oliver is a Partner in Baringa’s Energy Advisory Services practice, with 20 years’ experience in European energy markets, working on policy, regulation, investment, commercial and risk strategies, and long term energy system pathways.
Oliver joined Shell in 1992, where he worked as a petroleum engineer on the Dutch Groningen field and the development of the Grijpskerk storage facility. He moved to Caminus in 1996, where he spent three years working with clients on investment analysis, market studies, and extensively with Ofgas on the development of the gas Network Code. After the acquisition of Caminus by SunGard, Oliver led software operations in New York for a leading Energy Trading and Risk Management System. Oliver co-founded Redpoint Energy in 2004, where he led the development of offerings in commercial and risk strategy, gas market analysis, and full energy system modelling. Redpoint merged with Baringa in April 2012, forming the current Energy Advisory Services practice.

This talk will be held in the Beckitt Room in the School of Geography and will be followed by discussions with PIZZA.
£2 non-members/FREE for members.
Lifetime membership can be purchased on the door for £10.


Why Strong Energy Policies are Needed

29th November, 5.30pm

Facebook event 

Find out more about energy policies and why they are needed!

Join us for this talk by Nick Eyre, a Professor of Energy and Climate Policy, and a Jackson Senior Research Fellow in Energy at the ECI and Oriel College.

Nick is the End Use Energy Demand Champion for the UK Research Councils’ Energy Programme. In this role he is consulting with the UK energy research community to develop a consensus around a research agenda, to build an inter-disciplinary research consortium and plan a programme of research with a view to a new End Use Energy Demand Centre starting in April 2018.

Nick is a Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy, which is undertaking research on the combined, technical, economic, social and policy issues in moving to electricity systems with very high levels of variable renewables.

Nick has been Programme Leader for Energy in the ECI since 2007, but is currently seconded out of that post to the End Use Energy Demand Champion role. From 2007 to 2017, he was a Co-Director of the multi-university collaboration, the UK Energy Research Centre, leading its research work on energy demand (2007-2014) and decision-making (2014-2017). He was a Co-Investigator within the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium from 2011-2017.

For more info on Nick’s illustrious career visit: http://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/people/neyre.html

The talk will start at 5.30pm in the Beckitt room, Department of Geography, and after there will be discussion over PIZZA
£2 non-members/£10 lifetime membership
FREE for members