26.10.16 – The Smart Revolution: What’s smart about the future of energy?

Are you ready for the Smart Revolution? Stephen Haw leads Baringa’s Smart consulting practice and is a thought leader on the future of Smart energy industry. His extensive experience includes working with regulators, the Government, and energy companies on the design, development and delivery of the UK Smart Metering rollout, designing new Smart-enabled products, and […]

19.10.16: Nuclear Fusion – The Permanent Energy Solution?

Limitless fuel, inherent safety and no radioactive waste make nuclear fusion the ultimate energy solution. It presents a permanent solution to all humankinds energy requirements. After spending four years conducting research at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), home to the world’s largest fusion experiment (JET), David gave us a status update on the […]

12.10.16: Rethinking the Future of Energy from a Post Carbon World

12th October 2016: Daniel Fogg, COO at BuffaloGrid, came to give his perspective on energy issues facing developing nations and present the microgrid solution with the potential to simultaneously solve the connectivity and power issues affecting local communities. Daniel Fogg is the Chief Operations Officer at BuffaloGrid, the mobile power and internet service for the […]